Will I need a coucil permit? Some councils require permits, you can check with your local council if you will need a permit. If your in area which you will need one it is a big savings cost if you are able to the bin on the property not on the nature strip.
Can I specify a delivery and removal time? Yes, depending on drive & bin availability and as long as it works in with our opening hours.
To what level can I fill the bin? All heavy waste to be filled to bin level. House hold rubbish, such as a couch, fridge are permitted to hang above bin level. All bins are to be filled safely, and be safe to transport.
Why choose a walk-in bin? Walk in Bins are easier to load, safer for you to load your able to open up the doors at the back and simply walk a couch in or wheel a trolley load into the bin. Making life allot easier than lifting heavy things over the sides.